Fabian Tilmant

Fabian Tilmant

A few weeks before another exciting challenge relocating to The Philippines and connecting with the local startup scene, here’s the time to look back and give credit! I joined the 2011 Bay Area Webmission to field test my current project to the best tech and media scene! After a week meeting exciting people in New York, I joined the team in San Francisco to meet inspiring leaders of companies like Flipboard, Kissmetrics, Playfish, Qik…, meeting the fellow Belgians in the Bay and attending an SF New Tech dedicated to our country startup ecosystem.

This adventure allowed me to get great feedback on DICoDE and to understand that its scope is larger than Strategies and Business Models. These guys are actually making innovation happen, and getting to know the spirit of the Silicon Valley brings a huge inspiration to change the world! Concepts like Customer Development and The Lean Startup, as well as the whole Design Thinking movement, following PARC, IDEO and Steve Jobs’ path allow to Make It Happen putting the User Experience at the center of the Business. Palo Alto became the epicenter of my quest, connecting many key elements of what became a few weeks later Leanovation, my new project.

Webmission is also, and before all, a great group of individuals, passionate about technology and what it enables, improving people’s life. I’ve met some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable experts in Belgium during this awesome week and am very grateful to the core team for spending countless hours making sure it happened!

I can’t wait to make new plans with the team, maybe for an Asian Webmission. Or for joining an upcoming initiative, meeting new people, finding new tracks of inspiration and, who knows, maybe really change the world together?

Fabian Tilmant,
Participant San Francisco 2011
Handing out in Brussels, NYC and SF | http://dicodethebook.wordpress.com


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