Bruno Delepierre

Bruno Delepierre

If I had to summarize things, I’d say: the webmission: learn that you are not alone with a dream, see that it can become reality and have great fun discovering how with other Belgians.

The webmission is an inspiring way to learn to know San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It enables you to visit large digital firms and see how things are done on the other side of the ocean, firms you would otherwise not get into by yourself.

At the same time it also gives you the opportunity to meet fellow digital entrepreneurs and share discussions about the challenges, great successes and great failures over a beer. By having these talks, sometimes even partnerships can emerge, but at its very least, it’s just fun to have a beer with other young entrepreneurs sharing war stories.

Finally, the webmission can provide some introductions within the digital scene that could be very useful once your business is launched.

All in all, enough reasons to give it a try, you’ll have new friends, new ideas and maybe, just maybe you meet the VC of your life ;-)

Bruno Delepierre,
CEO, Adforce
Participant SF 2011
WebMission San Francisco 2011 |


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