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FX Bellot

Well, I think there are enough testimonials about the webmission which can lighten your willingness to participate. In a nutshell, YES, it’s AWESOME.

I’d rather talk about what I’ve learned from the american entrepreneuship. Let me try this short essay. It’s my first one so be kind :-)

Entrepreneurship is like a railway system. A railway system is an highly complex system where technology, equipment, people work in harmony to get people where they want to go. Yet, most passengers are not aware of all the challenges that need to be tackled every day in order to reach their final destination. Passengers just jump in the train and then wait comfortably seated. However, so many actions are undertaken to move the train. The electricity is provided to the catenary, the rails are well maintained to stay straight and perfectly aligned, the train engines power the wheels. The railway controlers choose the right tracks to ensure a perfect traffic. Entrepreneurs are not passengers, they are trains. Firstly, they choose their vision, their destination and take the right tracks to get there as fast as possible. Secondly, they launch, they start the engine and get out alone of the warehouse. Then, they get financing, they need energy to fully run the engine on the tracks. Employees are finally hired, passengers get on the train. On their way to success, they may iterate, take shortcuts to go faster or they may pivot, take another destination. In the end, the success is finally there! They have reached their destination. This fantastic complexity for one simple goal!

Now what’s the point with America ? Here it comes. America has a perfect railway system : There are plenty of trains available allowing the economy to boost. On time ? Yes, because electricity is available at very low cost and no administrative work is necessary to go from one station to another. And most important, the railways have an outstanding reputation, people thinks they bring prosperity and welfare for the entire society.

And what about Belgium, hummm…. For sure, the trains are there and they are many. Moreover, they have powerful engines! For the rest, I leave it to you. Make up your mind!!!!

Any way, do not stay passengers! Get out of the train and be one!!!!

You may live well with failure or success linked to your projects, but it may be more challenging to live with regrets about not having tried!!!

Fuck, just do it!!!

François-Xavier Bellot
Co- Founder, Auctelia
Participant San Francisco & East Coast 2011.


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