Vincent Battaglia

Vincent Battaglia

The first time I came in California, it was in May 2010 for the Webmission. It was the second Webmission who flew to Silicon Valley and we were there to showcase WooRank, an SEO tool for analyzing websites. At the time, we reported our experience on 1MD’s blog.

For me it was a very inspiring trip. Besides the city that I directly fell in love with, I instantly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the place. Here, everything seems possible. Entrepreneurs don’t have constraints and limits. They want to change the world, no more, no less.

All major computer companies are located here: Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, etc. This is the place to be for a developer, as well as Hollywood is the place to be for an actor that wants to become a movie star.

This is also where many technologies are developed (e.g. Node.js invented by the guys at Joyent) and where are located many investors who will not hesitate to put several million dollars in your startup if it seems interesting to them!

After 24 hours, I knew I should live here some future day.

So as soon as I got the opportunity, I did not hesitate for long. Moreover, I’m lucky to work for Storify, a young startup full of potential!

Anyway, the Webmission was really a very important step in my career and I recommend anyone to attend it someday. It could really change your life!

Vincent Battaglia,
Front-End Engineer, Storify
Participant San Francisco 2010.


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