Eric Rodriguez

Eric Rodriguez

Hackers often talk about getting into “the zone”, but it’s exactly the same for entrepreneurs. Each year, the webmission is like a pilgrim’s way to (re)discover the heart of tech life. This trip to San Francisco, Google I/O and all the web startups from the valley is a one of a kind experience, where innovation finds new ways to life.

They say it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters. That pretty much summarizes what makes the webmission such a great event. Traveling together to meet so many web entrepreneurs willing to talk about their own success and moreover their failures is the cornerstone of each mission.

You can read so much about entrepreneurship in books, podcasts or blogs, but that’s no match with the social aspect of the webmissions. There is subtle mix between learning, sharing and meeting new people from the startups’ world.

It’s not about superficial networking. You meet people with open minds and ready to share their experience. Sometimes, you even get to know better entrepreneurs from your own country and you end up working together on a new idea back in belgium.

That’s exactly what happened when I met FX and Chris from Auctelia! A couple of months later, I joined the team to build a B2B marketplace for industrial and professional equipment. Idea are easy to find, but meeting great people to have fun everyday (while working) is something really precious.

The webmission DOES change your entrepreneur life by mixing the best ingredients: technology, sharing, innovation, web, inspiration, fun and people ! All that condensed in one week to fuel your mind up with passion.

Eric Rodriguez,
CTO, Auctelia
Participant SF 2010 & SF 2011.


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