Webmission SXSW Austin 2012

We’re launching the Webmission 2012 to Austin today.

Post from Vincent Battaglia & Grégoire Hoin.

SouthBySouthWest or SXSW could also be called “spring break for geeks”. Although the festival also has a schedule for music and film, the Interactive part lasts five days. Last year, there were almost 20.000 people attending the various conference panels and sessions. More information is available on their website, but its is definitely THE place where the whole web industry gathers. It’s a great event to hear, meet and network with leaders in our areas, from design to social media to startups. Not to mention that there’s a party going in just every pub in town.

Around this main event, we’re also planning, in true webmission tradition, some visits to local startups or web-companies, as well as a Belgian event in one of the city’s numerous pubs. We will publish more details as things are confirmed.

If that’s not enough reasons for you, and you have a startup or a product with global ambitions, you could join us and launch it at the SXSW Accelerator or enter it for competition at the SXSW Interactive Awards. Last year, the Award in the News Competition went to webmission founder Xavier Damman for Storify.

We hope you’re convinced, so let’s get into the details.

When Vinch announced the mission on his blog, 30 of you immediately displayed some interest towards partcipating. And now the SXSW registration is offically open.

So, we’re moving to step 2.  A travel agency specialized in USA/Canada trips has been contacted, to see if we could ease the webmission organization. Here’s the estimation for a package that includes flights and hotel. The selected hotel is the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown, which isn’t exactly in a central location, but will be served by a free shuttle service to and back from the Austin Convention Center. It includes 6 nights (from march 8th till 14th, 2012), and the flights are as follow.


AA89     08MAR   BRUXELLES ✈ CHICAGO   1045   1305

AA2293   08MAR   CHICAGO ✈ AUSTIN      1705   1950

AA3601   14MAR   AUSTIN ✈ CHICAGO      1305   1535

AA88     14MAR   CHICAGO ✈ BRUXELLES   1700   0715

Total price, per person, for the hotel+flights+airport taxes:

shared room (2 persons): 1366 euros/pp

Single room : 1962 euros/pp

The price could drop further on a multishared room basis (3 or 4 persons/room)

On top of that, you also have to have to purchase the SXSW badge, 320 euros (Interactive only, if you order before september 24).

We hope that helps you to have a better view of the budget for that upcoming crazy week. Keep in mind that Awex, FIT or Brussels Export can finance as much as half the travel cost, but you will have to apply individually for this.

Rest assured, we’re not turning into a tourism agency. We know that the hotels in Austin are booked pretty quickly, so this guarantees us a pre booked stay (flights/hotel).

As soon as you are sure of joining us, please provide us with your name and date of birth, and don’t forget to fill in the wiki.

But please, you must be CERTAIN to join us before confirming anything. No maybes.

No need to rush, but our advice is to decide before september 24, so you don’t have extra costs for the SXSW fee.

Webmission Austin 2012 is now officially opened!


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  1. Stijn
    August 7, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

    Can you please give some more info about Awex or Brussels Export financing half of the travel cost?

  2. August 8, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    Signed up!

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